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These 16 residential buildings are uniquely positioned within the rural green Neve Zemer neighborhood, where the classic melds with the modern-urban, ideally suiting the needs of 21st century Israeli families. The mix of diverse apartments in this unique location gives the project an intrinsic character that demonstrates exemplary planning foresight. In this project, renowned architect Gidi Bar Orian chose to return to the basics of classical architecture, which transcend passing trends and changing styles. His firm decided to design a project in which everyone would be able to find the apartment best suited to their needs, from green garden apartments, to spectacular penthouses, and also extremely comfortable 4 and 5-room apartments in a perfect living environment.

  • 16 residential buildings with a total of 256 apartments.
  • A mix of 4 and 5-room apartments, garden apartments and penthouses.
  • The green Neve Zemer neighborhood is about to attain the first green standard of its kind in Raanana.
  • The length of the neighborhood is bisected by a vast green park that provides a beautiful lush environment for lazy strolls or pleasant bicycle rides throughout the area.
  • Architect: Bar Orian Archtects
  • Completed in 2017.
  • Photography: Omri Amsalem
  • Iron Wire Sculptures: Yossi Peled
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