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About Chen and Itay Gindi

Successful brothers, Chen and Itay Gindi, follow two guiding principles when running their business. The first is placing the customer’s happiness and satisfaction above all else, anticipating every need with thorough advanced planning, meticulous execution and total investment in the final product. The second is inseparable from the first tenet, an unwavering adherence to and insistence upon the highest quality work, the choicest materials, and hiring experienced and trustworthy professionals. These firm beliefs lead to an incomparable building standard and a painstaking attention to detail throughout the project’s execution. The result is obvious: Chen and Itay Gindi’s buildings are well loved and eagerly anticipated. Residents feel that they have received so much more than fair value for their money.

Financial Stability

Chen and Itay Gindi Ltd. is a private company with financial stability and high equity. It has managed its business wisely, carefully, and for many years in cooperation with the largest banks in Israel. This economic strength, financial stability, and brand reputation, allow the company to create exceptional luxury living experiences in the most sought-after developing neighborhoods in the Metropolitan Tel Aviv area.

Code of Ethics

Chen and Itay Gindi Ltd. has been a leading, groundbreaking real estate developer for more than 20 years. The founding principles that guide the company are based on uncompromising excellence, innovation, quality, exceptional aesthetics, integrity, and fairness, while providing residential experiences of the highest possible standard.

Uncompromising Excellence

We work tirelessly to be the leaders in everything we do, continuously striving for the best possible professional achievements. We never compromise on our choice of the highest quality team, by ensuring that we only work with well-established professionals and partners who have extensive experience and sterling reputations.

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Integrity and Fairness

We will always conduct ourselves with integrity and fairness, demonstrate complete transparency, and instill in our clients the unwavering belief that successful companies can act honestly and equitably. In addition, we will conduct our interactions with competitors in a respectful, pleasant and professional manner.

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Groundbreaking Quality and Creativity

We ensure the highest quality uncompromising performance, by using superior and reliable materials, working with first-rate advisors and sparing no detail in guaranteeing the maximum standard of construction down to the last feature. At the same time, we will maintain a youthful spirit and innovative architecture to produce a groundbreaking residential experience.

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Thousands of families, 14 major cities – and the success continues!

Chen and Itay Gindi's projects excel due to their uncompromising high-quality construction and meticulous attention to every detail, as well as the company's unique ability to recognize the real estate potential of each area long before anyone else. This approach proves itself time after time as the firm carefully identifies and selects strategic locations for its lots in every complex.

  • Hod HaSharon
  • Ramat HaSharon
  • Tel Aviv
  • Bat Yam
  • Holon
  • Raanana
  • Herzliya
  • Givat Shmuel
  • Petah Tikva
  • Rishon Le Zion
  • Ganei Tikva
  • Mazkeret Batya
  • Rehovot
  • Ness Ziona

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